4 tips to help you choose a new career


Settling on a field of work and career is a difficult decision, whether you’re looking to break into your first ‘real’ position or thinking about switching careers for something you enjoy a little more.

Performing the same or similar tasks year in year out can get frustrating, particularly if you don’t enjoy what you do. As such, deciding on the right career for you is incredibly important; job satisfaction is crucial.

With that in mind here are three valuable tips to consider when searching for a new career; tips that will help you ensure job satisfaction for years to come.

Decide What You Enjoy
Self-awareness is an important consideration – perhaps the most important – when you’re deciding on a new career path. What are your interests and transferable skills? Does your personality give you a proclivity for a certain field of work? Do you have values that you’d like to fulfil?

Asking yourself these questions is vital, not only to helping you decide on the best career path, but to processes further down the line. If you choose poorly your lack of enthusiasm or suitability for a role will likely come out in applications or job interviews.

Transferable skills are particularly important. You may have a high level of experience in one field, but that doesn’t necessarily stand you in good stead in another. The more transferable skills you can identify the better start you’ll get off to and the more you’ll enjoy your chosen career.

Research Your Chosen Job
Getting to know what employers in different fields are likely to be looking for could help land you your next job. It may mean that you have to change your CV or interviewing style to suit your new industry.

If you can provide examples of when you’ve used your transferable skills to accomplish tasks in different jobs then all the better. Being able to do so demonstrates adaptability and good aptitude for problem solving.

Talk To a Professional
There’s no better way to find out about a specific career than from someone in that particular field. Whether they’re a contact, friend or family member, it’s important to get a feel for what that environment is actually like.

The internet too is a great place for gathering information about what it’s like to work in a certain industry. However, it’s important to take advice or stories with a pinch of salt; people can be fickle and praise is fleeting.

Putting effort into building up an accurate picture of what your working life could look like 5 years down the line is worthwhile. Why change careers only for you to end up in the same situation all over again?

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